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Introducing the Concierge Trust Real eToken

Concierge Trust.IO is a private financial entity supporting private token currency options for use within the real estate offerings being developed by several affiliated private real estate and investment firms specializing in real estate and media finance.  We invite the entrepreneurially and artistically inclined and other interested I our real estate-lined value propositions to pre-buy goods and services on a toke basis. While we understand the pyramid party retroactive/throwback fascination with many cryptocurrencies, we believe than internal financial instruments, properly crafted, appropriately collateralized and fully transparent can be tied to value, collateralized by transparently-disclosed assets, and support innovation in capital formation.  We believe that the provenance aspects of the blockchain have a promising future, with or without the mania of some of the more flashy, less substantial, brand name crypto currency offerings.

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The Real E-Token Difference

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 financial facilitations groups to:

Comply with all SEC requirememts for securities.....


Real EToken is one of the first US-based block chain platform currencies to be backed by real tangible

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