Who we are

Mission Statement:  An international, Internet-based financial entity to assist international import/export and real estate development projects.

Our client:  Our financial community involves unique financial communities with obstacles to coordinating with the world’s financial mainstream.  Our affiliates perceive and appreciate accountability, credibility, transparency and a concierge-level of service from institutions that tend to be too big, either to fail, . . . or to care.

Our member-owner:  Risk retention groups with an understanding of what it will take to foster and finance the communities they choose to co-create in a financially responsible, sustainable manner.

Our professionals:  Our real estate entitlement professionals, developers, construction managers, financial engineers, investment bankers, liability and fronting life insurance specialists,  actuaries, accountants and lawyers are available to help sculpt an intelligently optimized solution to a variety of innovative problems. We are the opposite of streamlined efficiency in a “one size fits all” financial universe.