The Real E-Token Difference

We are working with a token for the goods and services of this operation, and we strongly believe it is time to begin to diverge from the eccentricities of the Bitcoin mania with a token that helps us achieve a need for distributed financial applications.  In the same way that the bitcoin equivalents replace the medium of exchange, we understand that a do-it-yourself exchange from asset based companies provides several compelling solutions:

I. Maintain firm groundings in the American economy:

II. Securities-style transparency with the preparation of:

  • full business plans and filings of Form D’s upon receipt of funds, following the style of the 504 and 506 offerings of the Security Exchange Commission’s Regulation D offerings;

  • Bank-style accountability, with input from banking professionals on what would help us to qualify for U.S. regulatory protocols if and when crypto currencies are accepted for broader application (where we follow international protocols until we can satisfy U.S banking regulatory supervisors);

III. Collateralization with business revenues, real estate assets and insurance collateralization, so that all financing can be secured by traditional assets, seeking a stable medium of exchange for the internal needs of our affiliated developers, land owners and tenants;

IV. Real estate tie-ins, so that every potential transaction is tied to goods and services, with the option for the redemption in tokens not used in the next few years.