Developing methodologies to obtain access to federally sponsored lending opportunities

Real EToken is one of the first US=based blockchain platform currencies to be backed by real tangible assets in commercial, agricultural and residential real estate.  We have designed a collateral based, secured form of a security designed to help real estate gain its maximum financial potential.

CONNECTING developers with investors Real EToken seeks to reduce investment risk while capturing higher than average rates of return.  The Real EToken will achieve these goals by combining investments in fast-appreciating digital currencies with income-generating loans, backed by real estate in the United States.  By re-allocating funds between digital currencies, traditional forms of exchange and the real estate markets, the Real EToken aims to provide income and growth via the emerging styles of “triple entry accounting” methodologies and a maximization of value across a broader set of asset classes. We believe that there is greater security in investing in hard, tangible assets, such as real estate, than in entrepreneurial opportunities, where missing the market means that good ideas and key personnel may be gone, leaving the investors holding an empty bag.