Strategy 1:  BDITs, 468(b) trusts, defined benefit and defined contribution 401(k) plans, and other sophisticated entities have invested in various forms since the early days of English Common Law.

In our continuing efforts to become faster and more efficient, we have simplified everything, . . . frequently to the illogical extreme, where many institutions lack the sophistication to construct programs and deals that actually achieve our needs within our budget constraints.

To us, each opportunity to use our financial synergies to co-create the extraordinary is a chance to do better.  Our goal is to help ordinary people accomplish the extraordinary or a regular basis.

Strategy 2:  Loving Blockchain and hating the lack of accountability and transparency of Bitcoin, we believe in using the digital power of distributed applications (D.Apps in the computer world, D.Fin.Apps in our econophysics world).  Working with Ark.io and other financially-oriented crypto-currency expression, we seek to use emerging technologies to support community-oriented, niche groups, where the needs of our friends and affiliates may differ from the general consumer.


Strategy 3:  We have a shared digitally-oriented commercial / financial institution, which works in connection with the real estate investments trusts (REITs), non-profits, risk retention groups, and other financially-oriented associations.