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The Digital Divide

Centralized banking and the Federal Reserve System has helped the American economy achieve prominence on the world stage.

The rest of us have looked at decentralized models, such as the Internet.  We recognize the value in clusters of financial innovation taking co-control of their financial opportunities and leverage, tapping into the digital technologies that have levelled the playing field in many areas. The emerging digital economy will either level the playing field, or empower a growing financial divide.  

“When it comes to risk, do it your way”.

If you’re like us, you have unique problems, and you wanted the most talented people available to help you deal with the complexity, rather than to just smooth them away and ignore it by sweeping them under the rug.

You also have complicated opportunities and risks, most of which mainstream commercial institutions will never have time, motivation or resources to address.  

We try to enable you to define and mitigate financial risks in only the way the professionals such as you are capable of understanding.